Want something a little more permanent than a mural? I've got you covered! I would love for you to take an original 'Alli K' design to your next tattoo appointment. There are two ways to obtain a tattoo design from me; you can request a personalized design  or you can purchase a tattoo permit  that will
give your tattoo artist the legal right to duplicate my existing work.

Please select one of these options below to learn more and fill out the appropriate form. 






Want a customized tattoo design featuring my art style? Amazing! I'd love to draw something that is incredibly special and unique to you. 

Share your vision for your tattoo, including any reference photos and as many descriptive details as possible. I will contact you before designing to give you final pricing. We will workshop your idea, perfecting it and getting it tattoo-ready. 

custom tattoo inquiry

To inquire about a custom tattoo design, click the button below or send an email to
Please use subject line: custom tattoo design 

Do you have a favorite 'Alli K' design that you want to get tattooed? Amazing! Please keep in mind that many of the designs I display are commissioned by business owners, which means they can not be duplicated and are not available for resale. In order to use any of my posted work as a tattoo reference, you MUST  first send me an email and specify which design you are requesting. Only after your request is approved via email confirmation will you be able to purchase a permit for the right to duplicate my work. 

If  you would like customization to any of my original designs, please email regarding a custom tattoo instead. 

Tattoo Permit

**Please note: you can not use any designs that were made for another client, another tattoo design, or a mural design**

apply for tattoo permit